Fall Activities to Check Off Your Bucket List

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Fall is in the air!  The weather is getting crisp, the days are getting short, and the trees are beginning to show signs of color.  This new season brings new opportunities for adventure!

To enjoy the fall season, we’ve made a list of activities you won’t want to miss. 

Take A Color Drive Or Plan A Color Trip

Every year as the weather cools the trees being to change color.  The vibrant red, orange, and yellow leaves are a tell-tale sign that fall has arrived!  Enjoy the scenery by taking a drive to appreciate colors and snag a few photos along the way.  As the weather is different in each state and specific regions, check your local weather for the date of peak color change.  The leaves change fast and are gone until next year, enjoy the beautiful colors while you can!

Enjoy A Bonfire

A bonfire is a nice way to enjoy a fall evening with friends and family.  Cozy up by the fire, toast marshmallows, tell scary stories, and listen to music!  Since the weather typically cools off in the fall bonfires are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm.  

Visit The Cider Mill

A trip to the Cider Mill is fun for people of all ages!  Enjoy fall treats like cider and donuts and actives like corn mazes, tractor rides, haunted houses, and petting farms.  However you choose to have fun at the Cider Mill, you’ll be back for a few visits before the season is over!

Partake In Apple Picking

Nothing says fall like picking apples and heading home to savor the fruits of your labor.  From Red Delicious, Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Gala, or Granny Smith everyone has their favorite variety of apples. 

Bake Your Favorite Fall Dessert

Whether it’s apple crisp, pumpkin muffins, or maple pecan bars, baking a fall dessert is sure to warm your home, tummy, and heart.  Head to the kitchen to mix up the delectable treats and enjoy the fall aromas that will fill your home as you mix and bake!  Looking for more fall recipes, explore this article.

Attend A Football Game

There is nothing more fall than Football!  Sports bring out hometown rivalries and pride when rooting for your favorite team.  From the local flag football league, to high school rivals, or big stadium lights of the NFL, football brings people together.  Attending a game, big or small is an enjoyable way to spend a Monday night or Sunday afternoon! 

Visit The Pumpkin Patch

Fall and pumpkins go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You can’t have one without the other!  Picking your perfect pumpkin is an important part of the fall season.  For most, the pumpkin starts out as fall decorations early in the season, when October arrives, the pumpkin becomes a canvas for Jack-o-lanterns.  Choosing your pumpkin from the patch will offer options for different shapes, sizes, and colors!

Embrace all fall has to offer!  Start making your own bucket list with all your favorite to-do’s this year.  This season only comes once a year, make the best of fall 2021!  

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