Making The Most Of Your Studio Apartment

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Life in a studio apartment home comes with the unique task of making one room multi-purposeful.  The 4 walls need to transform into a bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, and much more.  It may be easy to feel overwhelmed at the task of making your space work for a variety of needs.  With a little creativity and thoughtful design, it’s easy to make your studio apartment a space that is welcoming, comfortable, and versatile.

Create designated spaces with furniture

Use bookshelves to create walls and distinguish between the living room, bedroom, and dining room.  Different spaces are created, and in addition, the bookshelves can be used as a storage tool.

Think of adding a Murphy bed

A Murphy bed can be put away when it’s not needed and pulled down when it is!  This can be a major space saver and help open your home for entertaining, work, or fitness purposes.

Keep things light and bright

Darker, deeper colors tend to close off a home and make a space seem smaller than it is.  When adding color to a small space, decorate with light-colored throw pillows, furniture, and accents.  The lighter colors will keep your space bright and airy!

Get creative with storage space

Think outside the box when adding furniture to your studio space.  How it can be used for multiple purposes?  An ottoman with storage may make the perfect coffee table, and a couch that lifts to reveal storage could be the perfect place to put away seasonal items.  Make the most of every space by also utilizing vertical areas such as behind doors.

Pick a color palette and stick with it

Instead of using different color palettes in the kitchen, living area, and bedroom, use one with a subtle pop of color to make each space unique.  Picking a base color palette for your space will keep it cohesive and give the allusion that it’s larger than it truly is.

The 5 tips above will not only make your studio apartment easier to feel like home but will also add some personality and style to your room.  Find inspiration in your space and turn a quaint apartment home into a cozy place, your home!

Looking for a new space to try these tips?  Check our current availability at our many beautiful communities and start planning your furniture placement today!

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