Get Your Apartment Home Fall Ready

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Living in an apartment community comes with many perks.  One of those being no outside fall clean up- you can leave that to the professionals!  But, getting ready for the new season is not just about picking up outside.  Refreshing and rearranging your interior is a great way to welcome a new season and prepare yourself for the coming months!

In four simple ways, you can start the new season off right.

Deep Clean

A new season often symbolizes a fresh start. To make sure you and your space are off to a good beginning, start with a deep clean. Get rid of items in your pantry and fridge you no longer need, vacuum behind the sofa, and dust off those hard to reach places before you start adding the pumpkins.  Helpful Tip: create a cleaning list to stay on track and focused!

Refresh Your D├ęcor

Put the bright colors and light blankets into storage and fill your space with warm muted colors, plush pillows, and cozy throws. The addition of a fall-themed sign and garland can transform your space quickly. If you’re feeling extra festive think of adding a wreath to your front door or a new “Fall Welcome” mat.  Subtle changes can make all the difference!

Add Fall Scents

You don’t have to bake a fresh pie to have your home smelling amazing. It’s time to bring out your apple spice plug-in’s and light up your pumpkin pie candles! Whether you prefer Cinnamon Strudel, Crisp Autumn Air, or Sweater Weather there’s a perfect Fall scent for everyone.

Program Your Thermostat  

Cooler weather means you can turn down or even turn off your air conditioning. Open windows and enjoy the fresh breeze! For chillier days and nights turn on your heat to keep your newly decorated home warm and inviting.

Once all your changes have been made all that’s left to do is enjoy!  Cozy up in your refreshed space and appreciate all the fun a new season brings- you and your space are now ready for Fall.


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