Find your New Home Virtually: How Virtual Tours are Effecting the Multi-Family Industry

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In the wake of COVID-19 virtual tours became a necessity to keep apartment communities functioning as “normal”.  They may have formed out of need, but they have developed into a useful tool for leasing offices and properties to connect with prospects at any time of day and without location limitations.  A recent RentCafé survey shows that 28% of renters would make their decision on moving based off of online pictures and virtual tours.  This percentage increased from when the survey first was conducted in March by 11%.  As things begin to return to a new normal, virtual tours have cemented their importance in future leasing efforts.

Virtual tours offer the benefits of ease and convenience for renters and communities alike.  If someone is moving from another state, they are no longer required to travel to tour an apartment home.  With a virtual tour they can choose a convenient time and set up a tour from any location with ease.  Since the hours of leasing offices vary, it was not always convenient for those that work a standard 9-5 job to schedule an in-person visit.  With virtual tours this obstacle is obsolete.

For those that prefer the experience of an in-person tour, it’s still an option.  Prospects can now tour a community they are interested in by scheduling a live virtual tour, view a pre-recorded tour, or schedule an in-person visit at their selected property.

Pre-recorded virtual tours give people the chance to view an apartment home before inquiring about availability.  It’s an opportunity for individuals to get a look and feel for how the apartment and community will fit their lifestyle.

While both recorded and live virtual tours have their benefits, a live tour may be the best option for people interested in learning more about the community immediately.  Prospects can ask questions and communicate seamlessly with the leasing consultant conducting the tour.  They have the ability to ask for help with the application process and complete it with a leasing consultant while remaining live.

At Friedman Communities we are doing our part to create an enjoyable and pleasant touring experience.  We offer three different touring options, so each individual can pick the option that’s convenient.  Choose from one of our prerecorded virtual tours that can be found on our respective properties’ websites, set up a virtual tour at a convenient time, or schedule an in-person tour at one of our lovely communities by contacting the leasing office. 

Looking for a new place to call home?  Find a Friedman Community in your area by exploring our “Find Your Home” page.

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