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Finding the perfect home is no easy task. Add in a furry roommate, and that task can become even more difficult. Since sixty-six percent of renters are pet owners, it shouldn't come as a surprise that 75% of renters first filter by "Pet Friendly" when searching for an apartment. Pets are considered family, and renters will easily remove a potential community from their interest list if their furry friend is not welcome.

The multi-family housing industry sees pet friendly as high importance, and it's not the only industry seeing this movement. Corporations and hospitality are also moving toward the pet-friendly trend.


Bringing your pet to work is no longer a fun idea of the past. Companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Splendid Spoon allow employees to bring their pets to work with them. Some larger companies have gone as far as to create dog parks at their work campuses!


The hotel industry is opening rooms to furry guests. Pet-friendly hotels may include food and water dishes, outdoor areas for pets, and in some cases a pet-friendly room service menu! The site BringFido lets pet owners search for only pet-friendly hotels and offers a comparison of amenities. With pet-friendly hotels on the rise, they are making travel easier for pet owners.

Seeing the words "Pet Friendly" may be more common than in the past, but not every place we go, or work can be this accommodating. Services like Rover and Wag provide multiple different options for pet owners to take care of their pets from afar. They can choose from house sitting, boarding, a daily walk, or getting dog food delivered for their furry friend. While products such as Furbo and Petcube allow owners to video chat with their pets and send treats. Individuals are investing more in the care and needs of their loyal companions.

While these sites and products are great ways for people to keep in touch with their pets while they are away, there is no substitute for quality time spent at home with a pet. Pet-friendly features such as bark parks, doggy showers, and events celebrating national cat and dog day are all things that can help a renter decided between two pet-friendly communities.

Renters don't have to look far to find the perfect space for themselves and their furry friends. Friedman Communities offers 123 pet-friendly communities out of a portfolio of 127. Click here to find the ideal spot for you and your pet.

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