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For decades, Friedman Real Estate has been known as a powerhouse in the commercial real estate industry for their Brokerage, Construction and Design, and Property Management services. However, many may have overlooked our Multi-Family unit…until now.

With over 20,000 apartment homes and 165 communities across the nation, Friedman Real Estate is a force to be reckoned with in the Multi-Family industry. We began with our first community in 2001 with just four on-site associates. In 19 years, we have grown to a team of 500+ delivering outstanding results to clients and residents alike.

As leaders in the industry, we utilize top-notch resources to provide the best systems, training, and support to enhance property performance, all while maintaining a superior environment for residents.

Our services include:

Property Management & Leasing

By applying our experience as owners and consumers, we look at each community managed with a detailed eye to implement best practices and exceed expectations.

On-Site Marketing & Digital Marketing

A skilled marketing team is at our clients’ disposal to create individualized marketing strategies. These strategies aim to generate traffic and convert prospects to residents. Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing, we deliver results.

Accounting & Reporting

We run high quality customized reports based on the individual needs of our clients and guarantee accurate, timely reporting.

Human Resources

We know the success of a community depends on the team running it. We work diligently to hire, train, and retain the best employees. By implementing updated training, the newest technology, and surveys, we take the time to listen and help employees succeed.

Risk Management

From managing claims and monitoring compliance to procuring insurance, our team does it all to ensure our clients are covered. These services, coupled with our robust and expert-level team, enables us to implement strategies that create value for our residents and clients.

As we advance in numbers, accomplishments, and practices, our passion keeps us at the forefront of the industry. Tracy Brown, Senior Managing Director of Multi-Family Property Management, stated she envisions “… growth and improvements in efficiencies and resident experience come 2020.” We are excited to continue to show our worth in this new decade, and if our past is any indicator, we’re just getting started. Welcome to Friedman Communities.

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