5 Fun Ideas to add to your Winter Bucket List

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Do you love the winter or are you someone who gets the seasonal blues? Winter can be a difficult time for some of us, especially those of us north of the equator! Although we may get sick of trudging through snow and slush, there are still plenty of ways to brighten up this season with a winter bucket list.

These suggestions will give you various fun ways to celebrate the end of the year and beyond!


Have a movie marathon

There is no better time of the year to bundle up and get cozy on the couch with snacks and movies. You can even make it into a themed night! Try the Harry Potter series and make homemade butter beer or have an 80’s themed night with Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club (while wearing full 80’s attire)!

Plan a staycation

If you’ve never had a staycation before, tis the season! A staycation is the best way to experience your own city in an entirely new light. Do all the things that tourists do when they come to your town. Stay in a cute hotel, see the sights, and try that new restaurant that everyone has been talking about.


The holiday season is one of the most demanding times for shelters and organizations and they can always use a helping hand. Research volunteer opportunities in your city and donate your time in a way which will truly benefit others.

Make a photo album

Many of us store our photos digitally in our smart phones or computers. Make a memorable day out of creating a photo album or photobook! There are wonderful online resources such as Mixbook or Shutterfly or get them printed and create your own album!

Read a book

Cracking open a good book is an excellent way to slow down and relax your mind after a busy and productive year. Snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea and get lost in a story.

Print out this Winter Bingo card and give yourself a little reward when you win!

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